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Marine Applications of Welding

If you’re a busy project manager, you already know how valuable it is to line up the best resources ahead of time, before production is started and before any unwanted work stoppages occur.

Whether you work in oil and gas recovery or use commercial vessels along Alberta’s waterways, it is important to hire a company that can perform custom welding and fabrication work with metals used in marine conditions.

We are a dually-certified aluminum and steel welding shop and have the capacity to handle marine welding applications for a number of Alberta industries:

  • Hydraulic Fracturing (Fracking) in Gas & Oil Recovery
  • Commercial Boats & Pleasure Boats
  • Oil Rigs
  • Water & Dewatering Services Using Industrial Marine Pumps, Dredges, Barges

Why Aluminum is used in Marine Applications
Strong aluminum alloys now make it possible to switch out heavier steel in many marine situations. The aluminum/magnesium 5000 series, in particular, offers superior resistance to water corrosion.

Many of the aluminum alloys used today are designed with different purposes in mind. When you hire an aluminum welding and manufacturing company, make sure the welders and inspectors are experienced in handling welds that will be subjected to marine conditions.

Marine Applications for Aluminum in the Oilfield
Alberta is an inland province, but there are still plenty of situations that call for metal to be used around water or to carry fluids. Aluminum welding in Calgary and Edmonton is especially sought-after in the oil and gas industry for the following uses:

  • Storage of Fracking Fluids
  • Flowback Water Containment
  • Systems for Wastewater Disposal & Well Injection
  • Thermal (Steam) Oil Recovery
  • Waterflooding Oil Recovery
  • Formation Water Disposal Systems

Watercraft Applications for Aluminum Fabrication in Edmonton
Using aluminum in the hulls and hoisting equipment of marine vessels lets companies and government organizations save money. That’s because with lighter aluminum and better weight distribution they can operate with less power and more safety. Here are some common uses:

  • Commercial Watercraft
  • Dredging Barges
  • Patrol Boats
  • Personnel Boats
  • Pleasure Boats
  • Fishing Vessels
  • Survey Boats
  • Naval Vessels

Other Marine Applications
The precision, detail and lighter weight of aluminum makes it ideal for use in certain pumps and other water services equipment used on construction, dam and drilling sites. The initial cost premiums of aluminum are quickly offset by its longevity and resistance to corrosion. Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. uses processes such as water jet cutting in Edmonton and the surrounding areas. Water jet cutting allows us to customize Edmonton welding projects, including those for marine applications.

Advantage Manufacturing can Get the Job Done

For all your custom aluminum welding and fabrication needs, call Advantage Manufacturing. Whether you’re in Edmonton or elsewhere in central or northern Alberta, we’ll make sure your equipment can function properly in a marine environment.