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Design Custom Creations with Waterjet Cutting in Edmonton

The Advantage Manufacturing system of waterjet cutting in Edmonton uses a combination of pressurized water and abrasive sand to cut through hard materials. With water pressure up to 50,000 psi, our system can cut through 14 inches of steel, stone, tile, wood, and non-tempered glass.
We use our waterjet cutting system to cut:

  • Aluminum
  • Granite
  • Rock

What Our System Does

We use waterjet cutting to create completely customizable projects. You can submit your idea or work directly to our design team to make your custom project take shape. The Advantage design team has used our waterjet system to cut backyard fire pits, glass designs, and granite home accents.

We have also cut:

  • Production of Multiple Parts
  • Unique Tool Parts
  • Kitchen Counters
  • Custom Railings
  • Custom Stairs
  • Custom Signs
  • Tile Mosaics
  • Gaskets

Our water system provides an efficient way of cutting flat material. Torch cutting can take hours of cutting and grinding to get a smooth, flat edge. Waterjet cutting provides a cleaner result, in less time, and with more accuracy.

Since the waterjet process uses water to cut, it does not negatively affect materials’ shapes as the heat from a cutting torch might.

The Advantage Difference

Since 2005, Advantage Manufacturing has provided the Edmonton area with manufactured goods, welding services, and waterjet cutting. Our 7,200-square foot office and manufacturing shop gives us room to serve the needs of our clients.

We are certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and our personnel have the experience to deliver efficient service.

Whether you want a unique pattern cut into your kitchen’s granite, your company’s logo etched into stainless steel, or a customized tool, Advantage’s waterjet cutting in Edmonton has what you need.

Call the design team at Advantage Manufacturing today at 780-621-3335.

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