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With our CNC machines, we can make small products with extreme accuracy and perfection.

For precision cuts and decorative designs, we use waterjet technique to cut through any material.

Custom Machine Shop Services for Drayton Valley, Edmonton and Alberta

Machining components is an important step in manufacturing. Advantage Manufacturing Ltd aims to give you the upper hand in your products’ quality by making superior parts through CNC milling or waterjet cutting. As a reliable machine shop in Drayton Valley serving Edmonton and surrounding areas, we can create custom parts and products of all sizes and measurements, and render them with precision. Our past work has included machining for trucking, oilfield, and construction industries.


For machine shop services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton, get in touch with us. Our certified, experienced team and precision equipment can take on any kind of project.

Reliable Machine Shop for Custom Parts

Are you in a search of high-quality and cost-efficient machine parts in Drayton Valley and Edmonton? Advantage Manufacturing Ltd adheres to the highest standards in CNC mill and lathe processes, and waterjet cutting. Holding tight tolerances and accommodating fast delivery is a necessity in our industry today and our customers’ wants are our goals. That’s why we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through our work and machine shop services. We can cater to all your machining requirements, including repairing and replacing.

What Is Custom Machining?

Custom machining involves the creation of custom parts that fulfil your specific requirements. You might require custom machining for various purposes, such as:

  • You need durable machine parts quickly.
  • You require a piece that has unique features not found on standard equipment.
  • Your company needs a part with several joined components.
  • You need a component that is not available as an off-the-shelf item.
  • Any other part will not provide the degree of precision you require.
  • The required volume of production of the part you need is low.
  • And more

Contact our machine shop serving Edmonton for your custom machining projects.  

Reasons to Choose Custom Machining

When looking for new equipment or getting your existing one repaired, custom machining should be your preferred choice because of the range of benefits it offers. This process allows us to design equipment with a degree of precision that is unparalleled. Custom machined parts can integrate seamlessly into your operations. Some of the many benefits that they offer are:

  • High precision: Our custom machining process can help produce equipment even with small diameters and distinctive specifications with absolute accuracy.
  • Obsolete parts replacement: You might have used your machinery for years, only realizing its parts are outdated when you require repairs. We can easily handle this problem and produce replacement parts.
  • Faster completion: Another benefit of custom machining is that it requires a minimal number of processes to craft the desired equipment. This feature ensures less downtime and a quick resumption of operations for you.

Top-Quality Machining Services

Our custom machine shop in Edmonton can design bespoke parts and conduct repairs using:

  • CNC mill & lathe: CNC milling involves eliminating material from a workpiece using rotating multipoint cutting tools to reach the desired specification. On the other hand, a CNC lathe uses a single-point cutting to achieve the desired diameter. Computers run both processes allowing for maximum accuracy.
  • Waterjet cutting: Along with CNC services, we also provide waterjet cutting. Our state-of-the-art equipment enables us to cut through all materials, including steel, stone, wood and more. We can use this process to create materials of various dimensions, including decorative equipment.

If you have any questions about our custom machining services in Edmonton, contact us today to discuss your project.

Why Choose Us?

Advantage Manufacturing’s machine shop provides the best solutions in the repair and adjustment of machine equipment. Reasons to hire us include:

  • We can give the highest calibre welded manufactures and fixes.
  • Our skilled employees repair and maintain machines for better performance.
  • The machining services at Advantage Manufacturing Ltd can machine products to replace or repair equipment.
  • We can also make customized machinery parts depending upon our customers’ wishes and needs.

Contact us if you are in need of machine shop services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton or to discuss your project today. 



Do You Require Machine Shop Services?

With mill and lathe processes, and waterjet cutting, we offer accurate, multidirectional cutting of complex parts.

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