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Aluminum Welding Services for Drayton Valley, Edmonton and Alberta 

Advantage Manufacturing Ltd serves the commercial and industrial sectors of Northern and Central Alberta. Our customized aluminum welding services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton ensure that our clients are able to proceed with any project they have in mind.


Aluminum as a welding material is pliable, strong, and easy to work with. But its low melting point and high thermal conductivity mean it’s not for amateur welders. In projects involving aluminum products, you need welders who have had years of experience in the industry to get the job done right. Turn to trusted aluminum workers in Drayton Valley to cut back delays and make sure that your project turns out the way you planned.


Aluminum is easy to work with, but it can be limited in applications. It’s only suitable for low-temperature situations, but it’s easy to weld with other metals. If you want a lightweight material that’s easy to get, choose aluminum. We’ll create anything you can imagine using aluminum, and we can prevent material distortion and keep the joints clean.

In Drayton Valley and also serving Edmonton, trust us for your aluminum welding jobs. Advantage Manufacturing Ltd boasts aluminum welding services that have been instrumental to the completion of countless projects across the area. On top of that, we’re one of only three certified aluminum welders in Alberta — a testament to the quality of the services we provide.


We have years of experience and countless satisfied clients who can attest to our ability to work and form aluminum the way you want.

Portable Welding Services in Edmonton

There are several ways to join aluminum sheets. Soldering, brazing, and adhesives are popular choices, but nothing beats welding for durability and cleaner results. It’s even more important when we’re talking about large structures, machinery, and buildings. Welding is the best way to join aluminum permanently.


We not only offer superior aluminum welding in Drayton Valley and serve Edmonton, but we also have mobile services for on-site jobs. In fact, we’re the only certified portable aluminum welder in Alberta. If you need someone professional to work on your failing weld joints, come to us. Our technicians will make sure that your aluminum surface will hold longer and be safer.

Why Use Aluminum?

Aluminum has always been the material of choice for our residential, commercial and residential clients, and with good reason. This sturdy material lends its qualities to every product it's welded into. We use it to provide long-lasting repairs to all kinds of heavy machinery and build sturdy structures. Some of the characteristics that set aluminum apart are:

  • Lightweight: As opposed to steel, aluminum has a superior strength-to-weight ratio. It doesn't become brittle with decreasing temperature. These factors make it an excellent choice for projects that require strength but not weight.
  • Conduction: Aluminum is an excellent conductor of heat and electricity, rivalling copper in this quality.
  • Recyclable: In addition to being cost-effective, aluminum is recyclable. This makes it a more sustainable choice for welding.
  • Non-corrosive: One of the challenges of welding is oxidation. The use of aluminum transcends this barrier since it is non-corrosive in nature.
  • Customizable: Aluminum offers a high degree of versatility, which is why we can use it for many purposes.
  • Appearance: Aluminum can absorb paint and sealant easily, and you can give it the look that you want. It comes with a smooth finish that makes structures more attractive.


These and other benefits make aluminum a popular choice. Our technicians have the skill and expertise to fabricate and weld aluminum structures and equipment of all kinds so that you won’t compromise on the strength of your project.


Welding window sheet
Welding window sheet
Welding window sheet

Aluminum Repair Services

Apart from premium fabrication solutions, we also provide aluminum repair in Edmonton. With our services, you don't have to discard damaged aluminum machinery and equipment. Our team has years of experience working with aluminum. We can quickly inspect the equipment, diagnose the problem and provide aluminum welding repairs. We can repair:

  • Heavy machinery and equipment
  • Trucks and trailers
  • Oilfield equipment
  • CNC mills and lathes
  • Pump jacks

If you require aluminum welding repair services in Edmonton and the surrounding areas contact our welders today

Why Choose Advantage Manufacturing Ltd in Edmonton and Drayton Valley?

All technicians at Advantage Manufacturing Ltd are CWB certified to CSA Standard 47.2, specifically for aluminum welding, a benefit that you will seldom find in other establishments; completely insured, and meet all industry safety requirements, as evidenced by our National Safety Mark Certification, as well as a safety program that is COR™ Certified. Additionally, with a management team comprised of local area residents, we are committed to providing fellow business owners with aluminum welding solutions that will contribute to their success, such as:

  • The fabrication of customized parts
  • The fabrication of customized structures, such as platforms, catwalks, stands, etc.
  • Aluminum repairs
  • Bending and water jetting
  • Personalized project design and fabrication (drafting, engineering and manufacturing all under one roof)


Our main focus is on providing personalized attention to each of our individual customers while keeping costs and turnaround time at a minimum. As an added bonus, we offer a 24-hour call-out service and are entirely open to completing rush jobs whenever possible.


Call Us Today! 

Advantage Manufacturing Ltd is here to help you succeed, no matter how ambitious your project may be. In addition to welding, we also offer fabrication and waterjet cutting services. Contact our Drayton Valley office today for aluminum welding services in the Edmonton area, or to request a quote!

Aluminum Welding

We provide quality craftsmanship and personalized attention on all your aluminum welding projects.

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