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Aluminum Fabrication

We will assess your project’s specifications and offer customized steel fabrication services.

Steel Fabrication

A Reliable Fabricator in Drayton Valley and Edmonton

Are you looking for an experienced fabricator in Drayton Valley and Edmonton with CNC machining capabilities? Advantage Manufacturing Ltd can help. We specialize in the manufacturing of custom aluminum and steel products. Our professionals do all the fabrication work in-house at our aluminum and steel CWB-certified shop.

Types of Metal We Work With

We have four metal options to offer you. These metals have all the right qualities for making vehicles, for building projects, manufacturing, and other purposes. Each of them has strengths, and we’ll give you a short overview of each option.

  • Aluminum: Aluminum offers multiple advantages because of its natural properties. It’s pliable, easy to process, and cheap. Used the right way, it can be a suitable construction and car material. It’s also easy to fabricate, so we can make complex designs with it.

  • Stainless steel: Its strength is its main quality, but stainless steel is a widely popular metal because of characteristics like low maintenance, high resistance to elements, and more. If you have a budget that allows for the best choice, stainless steel should be high up on your purchase list. We can provide stainless steel fabrication for you in Edmonton, Drayton Valley and surrounding areas.

  • Carbon sheet and carbon plate: Carbon sheet, as the production material for storage tanks, ductworks, vessels and for a variety of applications, is a popular choice. It’s workable, though it’s more challenging. If this is the metal you’re looking for, trust us to provide you with a steady source.

  • Plate steel: We can make plate steel in varying lengths and thicknesses. It’s used in several markets because of its characteristics, and depending on how it’s processed it can be an OEM component, repair material, and many other things.

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