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With our CNC machines, we can make small products with extreme accuracy and perfection.

CNC Mill & Lathe

For precision cuts and decorative designs, we use waterjet technique to cut through any material.

Waterjet Cutting

Quality Machine Shop Services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton

Machining components is an important step in manufacturing. Advantage Manufacturing Ltd aims to give you the upper hand in your products’ quality by making superior parts through CNC milling or waterjet cutting. As a reliable machine shop serving Drayton Valley and surrounding areas, we can create custom parts and products of all sizes and measurements, and render them with precision. Our past work has included machining for trucking, oilfield, and construction industries.


For machine shop services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton, get in touch with us. Our certified, experienced team and precision equipment can take on any kind of project.

Reliable Machine Shop in Drayton Valley and Edmonton

Are you in a search of high-quality and cost-efficient machine parts in Drayton Valley and Edmonton? Advantage Manufacturing Ltd adheres to the highest standards in CNC mill and lathe processes, and waterjet cutting. Holding tight tolerances and accommodating fast delivery is a necessity in our industry today and our customers’ wants are our goals. That’s why we strive to exceed our customers’ expectations through our work and machine shop services. We can cater to all your machining requirements, including repairing and replacing.

Why Choose Us?

Advantage Manufacturing’s machine shop provides the best solutions in the repair and adjustment of machine equipment. Reasons to hire us include:

  • We can give the highest calibre welded manufactures and fixes.
  • Our skilled employees repair and maintain machines for better performance.
  • The machining services at Advantage Manufacturing Ltd can machine products to replace or repair equipment.
  • We can also make customized machinery parts depending upon our customers’ wishes and needs.

Contact us if you are in need of machine shop services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton or to discuss your project today. 



Do You Require Machine Shop Services?

With mill and lathe processes, and waterjet cutting, we offer accurate, multidirectional cutting of complex parts.

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