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Aluminum Fabrication Shop Serving Drayton Valley, Edmonton, and Alberta

Looking to create a custom project or a product using aluminum? At Advantage Manufacturing Ltd, we provide aluminum fabrication services in the Drayton Valley and Edmonton area using state-of-the-art equipment and our years of experience. Our skilled staff can cut, machine and fabricate all your products to meet your needs. All our professionals follow the latest safety requirements and receive technical training on a regular basis. From conception to finished end product, you can expect us to provide you with almost all engineering services according to your needs. Work is done locally, in-house, and our company prides itself on customer service and satisfaction. Contact us now to discuss your aluminum fabrication project.


What Is Aluminum Fabrication?

The process of creating a metal part by bringing about changes in a material is known as metal fabrication. When it comes to aluminum fabrication, the means of cutting, bending and shaping are very commonly used. The typical forms of fabrication include welding, cutting, forming and machining.

What Are the Uses of Aluminum Fabrication?

Aluminum is a great metal to work with when it comes to its application. Due to its non-toxic and lightweight nature, aluminum’s properties make it ideal for uses that vary widely across industrial, commercial, and consumer applications. A few industries that use it prominently are:


Aerospace: Aluminum’s weight-to-strength ratio and corrosion resistance are used to make wings, fuselages and many other parts.


Packaging: This is the most common application of aluminum in our day to day lives. From cans to foil, containers and much more - all are dependent on aluminum’s easy workability and durability.


Construction: Another common use of aluminum in our day to day lives is in the construction industry. It is used both as decoration and as structural material thanks to its energy efficiency and sustainability.


Electronics and electrical: Appliances like refrigerators and laptops have an aluminum framework and wiring due to the thermal abilities.

What Makes Aluminum Great?

The unique properties that make aluminum useful are:

It is lightweight, strong, nonmagnetic and nontoxic.

It retains its strength even in extreme cold conditions.

It conducts as well as reflects both heat and electricity.

Its ductility allows it to be processed in different forms.

Customized Services for Commercial and Industrial Clients

Do you require a team capable of realizing the unique and custom welding in Drayton Valley or Edmonton for your aluminum manufacturing project? Or, do you need a team of design and manufacturing experts to not only implement your project’s specifications, but realize them as well?


At Advantage Manufacturing Ltd, our in-house design team and fabrication specialists offer custom and rush construction and repair services to commercial and industrial clients in Northern and Central Alberta (we're based in Drayton Valley but we can come to you). Let our welding and metal fabrication services improve the efficiency and productivity of your project – if you need aluminum fabrication in Drayton Valley, Edmonton or Calgary, we’re the ones to call.


Our customized manufacturing services roll your projects out of our shop production-ready and to exacting standards.


Contact us today to learn more about us or to inquire about our aluminum fabrication services.


Custom Aluminum Fabrication

Get aluminum fabrication in Drayton Valley and Edmonton for your projects.

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