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Waterjet Cutting Services for Drayton Valley, Edmonton, and Alberta 

When your project calls for custom-made components, trust Advantage Manufacturing Ltd’s waterjet cutting services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton to make it happen. Our technicians have skillful hands to make anything you need. We have years of experience under our belt, so we know the most appropriate techniques for your project. On top of that, we explore innovative methods for designs that require out-of-the-box solutions.


Our team attends to even the smallest of your waterjet cutting needs. We study your product’s design carefully and discuss manufacturing concerns. Throughout the project, we consult you on crucial decisions and inform you of important operations.

We take pride in our superior workmanship. As a leading welding company in Drayton Valley and serving Edmonton, we offer high-quality waterjet cutting services that meet your exacting standards and complete your project swiftly. We do our best to cut delays and give you a product exactly how you want it and when you need it. Contact us today to discuss your product for waterjet cutting in Edmonton and surrounding areas.

Precise and Powerful Waterjet Cutting in Edmonton

We have top-of-the-line facilities for our waterjet equipment, which can produce 50,000 psi of material-cutting force. That’s why we can slice through 14 inches of steel, stone, tile, wood, and non-tempered glass with ease. We can also work with aluminum, granite, and rock. To maintain the quality of our services, we invest heavily in maintaining and repairing our waterjet equipment. We can create several products using waterjet, and we do so with precision so that your products can go from the workshop to your site and are ready for use.


This industrial tool is a good alternative to several cutting methods where material distortion is a big risk, and the edges are less finished. It’s also possible to use unique materials with waterjet cutting, as long as the machine can still cut through.


Even the toughest, thickest materials can’t stand up to our waterjet cutting process! Waterjet cutting enables us to cut through almost anything, including steel and stone, even enabling us to create designs and other decorative components.


Precision and power come together, resulting in fast, clean work that is quicker than heat cutting with a torch. Learn more about how we can use waterjet cutting to form custom tools, etch custom logos and much more.


If you have an idea for a project or a custom metal design, you can give us a call or stop by to learn more about how we can assist you.


Bring your ideas to us—and we’ll bring them to life through waterjet cutting.


Contact us today!

Custom Designs and Components

Advantage Manufacturing Ltd can render fully customized designs with our waterjet equipment. You can send us your ideas and we’ll work on it, or you can directly work with our design team. Either way, we’ll make sure the project takes shape according to your vision.

We’ve used our waterjet system in creating backyard fire pits, glass designs, and granite home accents. Our technicians are open to working on any project using your choice of material.

Here’s a list of components we’ve cut using waterjet:

Production of multiple parts

Custom stairs

Unique tool parts

Custom signs

Kitchen counters

Tile mosaics

Custom railings


Our water system provides an efficient way of cutting flat material. Torch cutting can take hours of cutting and grinding to get a smooth, flat edge. Waterjet cutting provides a cleaner result, in less time, and with more accuracy.


Since the waterjet process uses water to cut, it does not negatively affect materials’ shapes as the heat from a cutting torch might.

Experienced Waterjet Cutting Services in Edmonton and Drayton Valley

Advantage Manufacturing Ltd has been providing customers with reliable services for years. We’re known for our superior welding services, but we can also offer superior waterjet cutting in Drayton Valley and Edmonton and other service areas in Northern Alberta.


Over the years, we’ve refined our operations to give you better services. We learn new techniques and explore innovative solutions whenever a project calls for it. We also improve the skills of our staff, introduce them to new methods and teach them how to handle complicated machinery.


We’ve built a reputation as a provider of superior waterjet services in the area. We have become the company to call for customized projects that need detailed engineering, precise craftsmanship and heavy-duty cutting. Our staff offers unparalleled customer service; we see to it that we meet your requirements.


Whether it’s etching your company logo into steel or shaping granite for a better home feature, we get it done right. Turn to Advantage Manufacturing Ltd for excellent waterjet cutting services.

Why Waterjet Cutting?

Special projects are special for a reason, and if it involves customizing materials for a unique fit, you need a cutting technique that’s precise — you need waterjet services in Drayton Valley and Edmonton. It shouldn’t also be time-consuming because you need to stick to a schedule. Waterjet cutting favours both these project necessities and provides further cutting benefits.


Compared to punch press, laser cutting or milling, waterjet cutting is applicable to more materials and easier to set up. There’s also less risk for material distortion. It means that there will be no problem if the materials go from our workshop and direct to use.


Cutting with waterjet is also better than torch cutting, which is a popular method. Waterjet cutting’s results are cleaner, more accurate, and it takes up less time.

The Advantage Difference

Since 2005, Advantage Manufacturing Ltd has provided the Drayton Valley area with manufactured goods, welding services, and waterjet cutting. Our 7,200-square foot office and manufacturing shop gives us room to serve the needs of our clients.


We are certified with the Canadian Welding Bureau (CWB) and our personnel have the experience to deliver efficient service


Whether you want a unique pattern cut into your kitchen’s granite, your company’s logo etched into stainless steel, or a customized tool, Advantage’s waterjet cutting in Edmonton (we're based in Drayton Valley but we can come to you) has what you need.


Call the design team at Advantage Manufacturing Ltd today at 780-621-3335.


Waterjet Cutting in Edmonton

We are your go-to destination for custom-made components.

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