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5 Reasons to Choose Aluminum For Your Custom Metalworking Project

aluminum sheets

Are you trying to decide on a material for your next construction or custom metal fabrication project? There many to choose from, but aluminum is the preferred choice for many metalworking and fabrication projects. It's a popular material for many reasons, and we'll go over the aspects that make it so versatile in this article. Physically, chemically, and mechanically, aluminum is similar to other metals such as steel, titanium, copper, lead, and zinc. So, what makes aluminum unique?

Why Choose Aluminum?

Take marine equipment, for example. People have often chosen aluminum for this type of project because it's lightweight and resistant to corrosion. Aerospace, aircraft, and marine industries rely on it for their construction materials. Aluminum is essential in the rail industry as well, being the preferred material for train walls. It's easier for one worker to build and manipulate an aluminum wall, thus cutting back on labour costs. Advantage Manufacturing has the capabilities to create your custom fabrication project. We can do everything from waterjet cutting to mobile welding services. You can count on us. Aluminum Is 100% Recyclable Aluminum and its alloys are not just recyclable, they're 100% infinitely recyclable. In fact, almost 75% of all aluminum produced (over 1 billion tons) is still being used today. Did you know that 90% of the energy needed to make new aluminum material is saved? This makes up for more than the cost of collecting! Strength and Weight When comparing weights, it's 1/3 that of stainless steel, for example, which is 2.5 times denser. In construction projects, it's used for translucent panes, siding, and roofs. You'll see it in window and door frames. Solar protection, air conditioning systems, and furniture also contain aluminum. Corrosion Resistance Aluminum has a high oxidation state because it forms a passivation layer (or compact surface oxide layer). This helps it resist corrosion in custom metal fabrication. Alloy 3003 is the most popularly used aluminum alloy because of its high corrosion resistance. Heat Conductivity Aluminum has superior thermal conductivity compared to many other metals. This makes it a great material choice for heat sinks in vehicle cooling systems. It's used in heat exchangers within nuclear and fossil power plants, desalination plants, chemical plants, and marine services. Electrical Conductivity Aluminum is effective at conducting electricity as well. It's used to create high-voltage overhead power lines, air conditioning units, and car radiators.

Choose Aluminum for Your Next Fabrication Project

When planning your metalworking project, remember that aluminum can be easily fabricated and cut into your desired shape. Having a low melting point, it's malleable and versatile. Advantage Manufacturing specializes in aluminum and steelwork for clients in Drayton Valley, Edmonton, and throughout Alberta. Consider us for your next aluminum fabrication project. Contact us today with any questions on metal fabrication and we'll be happy to help you with your design.


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