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CWB Certifications & Why We’re Unique in the Alberta Welding Industry

June 15, 2015 by Advantage Manufacturing

Not all Edmonton steel fabrication companies have a dual certification in stainless steel and aluminum welding from the Canadian Welding Bureau.

Not all Edmonton steel fabrication companies have a dual certification in stainless steel and aluminum welding from the Canadian Welding Bureau. We do. As a result, we are a dominant company in the steel fabrication and welding field, and boast leading clients in the oil sector and other industries in Northern Alberta. We also design and deliver custom welding projects for individual clients, right in our warehouse or as a mobile service that we tailor to each project.

No Red Tape

Why should our CWB certification matter to you? At Advantage Manufacturing we don’t look at it as just more red tape; it’s a matter of excellence. Every step in the process of getting dual CWB certification for stainless steel and aluminum welding in Alberta was an opportunity for us to build ourselves into a leading company in the sector. For your projects, our dual certification offers you a one-stop shop for service and a guarantee that our work is always done to superior standards of quality and safety.

The Stamp of Excellence

Our CSA W47.1 certification is for the fusion welding of steel. This certification showcases that the Canadian Standards Association approves the know-how of our welders, welding engineers and welding supervisors. The designation also assures you that the steel, flux and gas mixtures we use are to standard and that sustainability and durability are part of our production methods. We use this expertise to develop and fabricate custom projects for industry and individual clients. See our gallery of custom-built trucks and other equipment. Our CSA W47.2 certification is for the fusion welding of aluminum. Our aluminum welders, engineers and supervisors have been trained and approved by the CWB. As with the SCA steel ticket, the aluminum endorsement ensures stringent controls on the quality of our source products and welding methods. Our custom designed and built aluminum-weld products are on physical plant floors and in industrial workshops across Alberta. Visit our gallery here to see how our W47.2-certified tradespeople can manufacture lightweight aluminum structures, signage and other equipment to your specifications.

The Certification Process

Since launching operations in 2005, our procedures have been scrutinized and approved by the CWB and meet all CSA requirements. Every welding engineer’s and supervisor’s qualifications have been reviewed by the CWB and they have been interviewed to present their credentials. Most importantly, we qualify welders and welding operators to do high-caliber work in both aluminum and steel.

What We Do

Our dual certification makes us unique in the business of steel and aluminum welding. Our 7,200-square-foot manufacturing warehouse is the headquarters for our portable steel and aluminum welding in Calgary and Edmonton and anywhere else our clients require us to take action. Contact us to learn more about how we stand apart from the competition in pricing, certification and superior service. We will manage your industrial and custom welding projects not only in view of CWB standards but according to our own exacting standards.


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