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Powder Coating: A Great Addition to the Metal Fabrication Process

Powder Coating Of Metal

February 27, 2019 by Bob Wilson Raw metal, when taken on its own, has some distinct problems. Exposed metals could eventually tarnish and corrode when they do not have any proper finishing. The good news is that metal fabricators can prevent the rusting, weakening, and eroding of unfinished metals with powder coating.

An Overview of the Powder Coating Process

This process uses a dry powder with a positive electric charge. Coating specialists spray this powder under pressure to an unfinished metal object with a negative charge. This produces an electrochemical change that enables the powder molecules to attach to the metal. Once the metal components have a consistent powder coating, workers place the parts in a high-temperature environment. Metal fabricators can use the fully cured, powder-coated product after removing it from the oven.

Advantages of Powder Coating

Products with a powder-coated finish offer a wide range of benefits over other finishing options. You’ll find that these products are:

  • Efficient: The process creates minimal waste, thanks to the electromagnetic charge that joins the powder to the part. On top of that, the coating specialist can spray as little or as much powder as necessary in one application.

  • Cost-friendly: Powder coating eliminates extra steps and drying time, saving you money. On top of that, the powder itself is more affordable than wet paint.

  • Durable: When it comes to the finish itself, powder coating offers more durability than other paint options. The powder melts during the curing stage and creates chemical chains once it gels together. The result is a finish that’s resistant to corrosion, flaking, and scratching.

  • Flexible: The finish of a powder-coated product is more flexible than conventional paint. It allows for a tiny amount of flexing and bending as the metal parts move and vibrate.

  • Customizable: You have the option to completely customize the finish and colour of the powder coating. The manufacturer can make a unique powder blend that complements any colour, with the choice of introducing texture, such as glitter or wrinkles. Few paint options can match this level of versatility and range.

  • Easy to maintain: The maintenance involved in powder coating is minimal. You don’t need to purchase special solvents or cleaners to keep the powder-coated product clean. Instead, you can wash it using regular, soapy water. Additionally, wiping the parts a few times every year can keep the powder-coated product clean for many years to come.

  • High-quality: The application and curing process involved in powder coating produces a quality finish that’s different from other paint options on the market. The melted powder creates a consistent surface on the product, and is not subject to dripping, running, or unevenness. As a result, the finish won’t require refinishing or sanding in case of a mistake.

With these benefits, you could go with powder coating when considering the finish for a metal fabrication project. If you need a reliable metal fabrication shop in Edmonton that can help you with your next project, turn to Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. We handle your requests expertly to give you a leg up on your competition. Additionally, we have the skills and materials to produce custom-made and high-quality steel. Contact us today to get a quote.


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