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Reason to Choose Waterjet Cutting

Welding aluminum

Waterjet cutting is a technology that has changed the world of manufacturing. This innovative form of cutting uses little more than a focused and powerful stream of water. There are numerous benefits of integrating waterjet cutting into your manufacturing process. It affects your customers and your bottom line. Read on to find out exactly how a microjet water machine can improve your products.

Waterjet Cutting Means Smoother Cutting

A waterjet machine operator will quickly find that waterjets offer the smoothest cutting experience out of any such technology. The hyper-pressurized stream of water can be easily controlled down to the slightest millimetre of movement. No longer will you have to deal with clunky cutting tools that risk destroying your products.

Superior Accuracy and Precision

A waterjet profile cutting machine can make controlled cuts and divisions with total versatility. Curves, grooves, dents, and shapes of all manners can easily be crafted with a waterjet cutter. If you want your products to have a truly flawless finish, then consider using a waterjet cutter today.

No Material Limitations

Unlike many other cutting methods, waterjet machining is applicable to virtually any material used in manufacturing processes. The sheer power of waterjet cutting machines means that no material is too tough for it. There are few methods more versatile than waterjet cutting as it can cut through metal, non-tempered glass, tile, wood, stone, and other materials.

No More Heat-Affected Zones

So-called heat-affected zones (HAZ) that are caused by methods such as laser cutting can easily ruin a product beyond repair before it is even off the assembly line. However, waterjet cutting is a cold cutting method that eliminates the risk of heat-affected zones entirely. Not only does this mean your product have a smoother finish, but it also reduces the risk of burn injury among your employees.


For manufacturing companies across all industries, environmentally friendly methods are more important than ever. Your customers care about the carbon footprint of their suppliers. Choosing the eco-friendly path will also ensure your company is helping to save the planet. Waterjet cutting is a virtually emission-free way to create flawless products. All while limiting damage to the environment.

Unparalleled Speed

Finally, it is worth emphasizing the unparalleled speed that waterjet cutting offers over more conventional methods. Since waterjet cutters are significantly lighter than laser cutters, you can create and finish your products in a much tighter timeframe than before. Not only does this increase your productivity, but it also affects your bottom line. Time savings equals cash savings, which is why it is time to invest in a waterjet cutter today.

Get Waterjet Cutting For Your Project

Waterjet cutting offers speed, precision, quality, versatility, and environmentally friendly manufacturing. Contact Advantage Manufacturing Ltd. in Drayton Valley and serving the Edmonton area for water cutting for your custom projects. We also offer a wide range of machine shop services to help you create flawless products, no matter what they are.


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