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The Versatility of High-Carbon Steel

High-Carbon Steel

November 16, 2018 by Bob Wilson Carbon steel is the most common type of carbon-iron alloy that is used across a wide range of industries. Manufacturers value high carbon steel for producing metal-cutting tools or press machinery that bends and forms metal parts.

The Composition and Characteristics of Carbon Steel

Carbon steel is iron mixed with a high concentration of carbon, which usually accounts for 2.1 per cent of the material’s total weight. The American Iron and Steel Institute also notes the presence of specific amounts of other metal components, such as chromium, copper, manganese, cobalt and silicon. The high carbon content produces a stronger and harder type of steel, while the presence of metals like chromium and cobalt give carbon steel its high resistance to wear and tear and corrosion.

The Many Uses of Carbon Steel

Many industries benefit from the versatility of carbon steel. One of the oldest known uses of carbon steel can be traced back to feudal Japan. Ancient swordsmiths forged a special type of high-carbon steel called “tamahagane”, which revolutionized Japan’s sword making industry. Tamahagane was used for creating martial arts and samurai weapons like the katana. Today, its production is heavily regulated by the Japanese government where only registered manufacturers can produce tamahagane in limited batches. The malleable and wear-resistant properties of carbon steel make it a popular material for manufacturing industrial tanks and pipes. Carbon steel tanks and pipes are usually more affordable than their stainless steel counterparts as a result of inexpensive raw materials and production costs. They are also harder and stronger due to their higher carbon content. Flat-rolled sheets and strips of carbon steel are used for building ships, wires, vehicle bodies, and domestic appliances. The malleability of carbon steel is perfect for creating intricate designs for fences, gates, and railings. Some variations of carbon steel can also be made into essential parts of buildings and bridges, cars, couplings, fridges and washing machines. One variation of carbon steel, which contains the highest possible carbon content, is used to make extremely hard materials like blades, hot water radiator, and steel lamp posts. This variation called ‘cast iron’ is also widely known for producing great old-fashioned cooking pans and pots.

Custom Carbon Steel Fabricators in Edmonton

To acquire the best carbon steel materials for your business, turn to trusted steel fabricators in your area. Advantage Manufacturing specializes in fabricating superior carbon and stainless steel in Edmonton. No project is too big or too small for us, as we do everything in-house. We operate as a one-stop shop for manufacturing, repairing, and constructing steel products. We are adept in producing different types of durable and reliable metals. If you are not sure which type of metal you need for your project, our team of experts can guide you and give you the best solution based on your requirements. We have been manufacturing custom steel products for various businesses in Northern and Central Alberta since 2005. Throughout the years, we have built, polished and perfected our craft to provide you with high-quality steel products. Our creations are approved by the Canadian Welding Bureau, which gives you the assurance that our work meets and exceeds industry standards. Feel free to contact us or get a free quote through our online form.


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