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5 Reasons to Choose Aluminum Fabrication

fabricated aluminum parts

Aluminum has become a reliable alternative to steel in the metal fabrication industry. Metal fabrication refers to the process of creating metal parts by various methods such as cutting and shaping them for commercial and industrial use. Qualities such as being lightweight and corrosion resistance make aluminum favourable among metalworkers. Since different metals respond uniquely to fabrication methods, only a skilled professional can handle aluminum fabrication.

The reliable professionals at Advantage Manufacturing are trained in specific techniques required for the process. We provide all engineering services from conception to the end product. Aluminum provides numerous benefits, so it is always popular in the construction, electrical, aerospace and energy industries. Aluminum fabrication allows various useful refinements when compared to other metals. Have a look at the five major reasons which make aluminum fabrication suitable among metal workers:

  1. Aluminum is Lightweight and Durable Aluminum weighs approximately one-third of the weight of copper, iron, steel and brass. So, it is more malleable and less costly to manufacture. The lighter weight of aluminum tools reduces shipping costs significantly. At the same time, engineers have managed to utilize it in a way that makes it extremely durable.

  2. Aluminum Resists Corrosion A layer of oxide naturally accumulates on aluminum surfaces, making it resistant to corrosion. Tools or machines last longer as they corrode less. Quality manufacturers can even increase the resistance in products with better designs.

  3. Aluminum Has Great Electrical and Thermal Conductivity Aluminum has 60 percent more conductivity than copper, which is commonly used for electrical components. It is also cheaper than copper. As it is durable and corrosion-resistant, it becomes a better choice than copper for a wide range of products and parts. It is widely used in HVAC units as it can transfer heat for both cooling and heating products.

  4. Aluminum Has a Ton of Finishing Options Aluminum can have a wide range of finishes with different colours and textures. For instance, you can choose from finishes such as powder-coating, anodizing and painting. These processes also increase resistance and durability.

  5. Aluminum Has a Wide Range of Applications Various aluminum alloys are an excellent choice for a variety of products and applications such as: a. Food processing equipment b. Aircraft components c. Truck and auto industry components d. Toolboxes e. Awnings f. Sidings

Choose our one-stop metal fabrication shop and limit your need to work with multiple vendors while completing your project. If you are confused between steel and aluminum fabrication, read our blog on the difference between the two. Contact us for unique and custom welding services in Drayton Valley and the Edmonton area.


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