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Custom & Portable Welding Project Capabilities in Alberta

Custom & Portable Welding Project Capabilities in Alberta

July 7, 2015 by Advantage Manufacturing Does your company need to adapt a machine or vehicle but you don’t have the in-house expertise to get it done?

Do you want to distinguish your company with unique signage but don’t quite know how? At Advantage Manufacturing, we’re in the business of getting it done—on time, on budget and on your terms.

Our Unique Custom & Portable Capabilities

The ability to go where you need the work done is what makes us one of a kind. But no matter where we do it, our approach to doing business is customer-focused.

What Does “Custom” Manufacturing Mean?

When you bring us an idea, we take it and produce a design. If you’re not sure exactly what you want, we connect you up with one of our designers to discuss, and then produce your piece. Our goal is to get it done right and done quickly according to your unique specifications. Take a look at our galleries for a tour of the custom welding jobs, waterjet cutting and CNC milling projects we’re proud of.

Have Welders, Will Travel

If your custom job requires on-site welding or fabrication, we will send a mobile unit to your location across Central and Northern Alberta. Contact us to find out more!

CNC Milling

Our computer numerical control (CNC) machining centres give us the ability to produce lathe, intricate designs and exact reproductions according to your specifications. Bring us your 4140 steel, stainless, aluminum and chrome alloy projects, and we’ll adapt our machines to give you results with expert metal polish and precision. And if you would rather purchase your metal from us, we have a wide selection of steel available for sale. Waterjet Cutting Our waterjet technology cuts softer materials like wood as well as hard source materials like granite, rock, tile, non-tempered glass, steel and aluminum. While torch cutting is possible for some kinds of projects, others require the capabilities of an industrial machine. We custom cut these projects and more:

  • Kitchen counters

  • Custom railings, stairs and signs for individuals or industrial customers

  • To-spec tool parts

  • Tile mosaics

The Highlights

  • One-stop service. As a uniquely dual-certified steel and aluminum welding company in Alberta, we can handle your project no matter the size or design.

  • Flexible options. Our steel and aluminum welding service is available in Calgary, Edmonton and many other locations in Alberta. Don’t forget about our CNC milling and waterjet cutting.

  • One-to-one service. We take notes when you talk. Tell us what you want and we’ll get it done.

As a leader in the Alberta custom welding and aluminum fabrication industry, we have the power to staff our workshop floor with the best designers, welders and fabricators. Call us with your project idea and we’ll make it come to life.


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