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Is Waterjet Cutting Right for You?

Waterjet Cutting

January 20, 2016 by Advantage Manufacturing Are you looking to customize a specific aspect of your home or business? Or perhaps you need to fabricate a particular machine or tool part?

Waterjet cutting just might be the cutting solution you’ve been seeking. But how exactly does it work? What kinds of projects might be suited for waterjet cutting? And just why is it preferred over other methods of cutting? Read on, and all will be answered.

What Is It?

Waterjet cutting is a method of precisely penetrating and thereby shaping hard materials. It utilizes a combination of highly pressurized water mixed with sand for meticulously exact cutting of tough surfaces. It has numerous possible applications, but is especially useful when it comes to manipulating sheets of steel for the fabrication of signs, gaskets and machine components.

Applications of Waterjet Cutting

Need a custom railing? How about a granite counter top for your kitchen? Or what about shaping tiles for a unique mosaic or mural? Waterjet cutting can be a great solution for projects that require customized, small or large components. Specific tool bits or machine parts are another way to apply waterjet cutting, as is emblazoning a logo on metal signage.

Advantages over Other Methods of Cutting

There are a number of reasons to use waterjet cutting over different methods. Here are the most important ones.

  • Guards the integrity of metals. Unlike torches, waterjet cutting does not warp or bend.

  • It’s fast. Whereas torching can take hours to achieve an adequate result, waterjet cutting can do the same or better in far less time.

  • Precision cutting. Smooth, flat edges are easy to achieve. For a clean result, waterjet cutting is the preferred procedure.

  • Few airborne contaminants to contend with. The production of dust is minimized in comparison to other methods. There’s no smoke and no volatile chemicals.

  • Reduces the amount of wasted materials. Because waterjet cutting is so precise, there’s less scrap produced.

Advantage Manufacturing provides waterjet cutting services throughout Edmonton and other nearby areas. Our waterjet cutters utilize pressure of up to 50,000 psi to be able to precisely cut through up to 14 inches of steel, stone, non-tempered glass and other hard surfaces. We’re CWB certified and have our own 7,200 square foot shop to cater to all your waterjet cutting needs. Our quickness and efficiency makes us the best choice for all your welding and manufacturing needs. Contact us today for a free quote.


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