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The Benefits of Waterjet Cutting

Waterjet Cutting

May 11, 2018 by Bob Wilson Many cutting methods exist in the market, but waterjet cutting proves to have more benefits than other ways. If you need to create a specific machine or tool part that requires a particular shape, you require accuracy and precision. Waterjet cutting is necessary in this situation.

Waterjet cutting works by using high-pressure streams of water mixed with abrasives such as sand or garnet to cut and shape hard materials. Because water is used, waterjet never gets dull. Unlike other heat-based cutting methods such as lasers or torch cutting, waterjets do not overheat or risk burning the material. Some waterjets also provide a closed loop system to recycle used water for future projects. Waterjet cutting provides multiple benefits. With its high-pressure water leaving the nozzle at over 900mph, it can cut through hard materials at the same time. It can cut through granite, wood, and even bulletproof glass. Advantage Manufacturing’s waterjet cutting equipment can produce 50,000 psi of force and slice through several kinds of material. Our shop in Edmonton has the equipment and skilled technicians to provide high-quality waterjet cutting services. In turn, our clients can expect the following benefits.

Clean and Accurate Cuts

Waterjet cutting provides better cuts than another popular method, torch cutting because it is cleaner and provides more accurate and precise results. Waterjet cutting does not use heat to cut materials, which gives it an advantage over cutting methods that do. It does not produce thermal stress or risks of burning. Instead, the material will have a sandblasted appearance. Laser cutters and other heat-based methods are useful in a variety of materials but are challenging to work with when cutting materials with different melting points. Structures or materials with different parts cannot be cut, and lasers provide rigid beam guidance. If not handled well, the heat could cause the material to warp.

Less Time

Waterjet cutting also takes up less time. For flat materials, torch cutting can take hours to complete to attain the results you want. Waterjet cutting achieves a more accurate and cleaner output.

Customized Cuts

For customized projects which need a specific shape, waterjet cutting is the way to go due to its accuracy and precision. Unlike other methods, waterjet cutting can be used on more materials at the same time without risk of warping or distorting the material. These are just some of the examples of parts you can cut with a waterjet:

  • Specific tool parts

  • Kitchen counters

  • Custom decorations

  • Tile mosaics

  • Gaskets

Advantage Manufacturing provides waterjet cutting services in Edmonton and nearby areas. We offer high-quality cutting services in our 7,200 sq.ft shop to cater to all your needs. Contact us today to receive a free quote.


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