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The Benefits of Working as a Welder in Alberta

A happy welder posing for the camera

November 18, 2015 by Advantage Manufacturing Do you want to work in a field that pretty much guarantees good pay and stability? Working as a welder could be the career for you.

1. Plenty of employment opportunities

Lower energy prices are changing the economic landscape of Alberta these days, but there is still a shortage of skilled workers. In fact, the Alberta Learning and Information Service (ALIS) predicts that welding, machining and metalwork are key trades that will continue to be in high demand.

2. Good pay for Edmonton-area welding jobs

Did you know that welding jobs in Edmonton are currently the best-paid in the country? The exact salaries of welder jobs in Alberta depend on whether you’re working in the field, on emergency call-outs or as sole proprietor of a welding operation, but welding is going to be a good career bet for a long time to come.

3. Jobs for men and women welders

Although welding has traditionally been a male-oriented trade, many women welders work at aluminum and steel fabrication shops in Edmonton and elsewhere in Northern Alberta. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman; being an excellent welder requires an eye for detail, a steady hand and good problem-solving skills.

4. A trade that can ride out hard economic times

Finding and retaining skilled workers continues to be a challenge for the industrial sector, even at times when natural gas and oil extraction are in a slowdown. So, keep in mind that Alberta is still a great province to work in if you want to begin or advance your career in welding.

5. Doing what you enjoy.

What does a career in welding involve?

  • Working independently or with others on projects.

  • Joining steel or aluminum sheet metal or parts using various welding techniques.

  • Designing, fabricating or repairing detailed work pieces, such as signage, household objects and machine parts, or larger installations such as catwalks, custom-built vehicles and industrial equipment.

  • Repairing or fabricating large industrial equipment, machines, oilfield drilling equipment and pipelines.

  • Working in an industrial welding shop or working on-site, in the field.

  • Contributing to the success of various industries in Alberta, including oil and gas exploration and extraction, agriculture, forestry, manufacturing and custom-vehicle fabrication.

Apprentice at Advantage Manufacturing Ltd

If you’re a welder or would like to be, visit our Advantage Manufacturing Ltd’s employment opportunities page. Go ahead and contact us today if you’re interested in apprenticing with our certified welders and engineers.


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